Documenting TIMELESS, CANDID & INTIMATE HUMAN CONNECTION for the laid back & adventurous couple


I'm not for the stiff poses, the fake smiles or the "pretend to be"... I believe purely in adventures, getting your shoes dirty, playing in knee-high snow, running on the sand barefooted, jumping into lakes and hiking mountains.


HELLO!Whats up?!

If it wasn’t already obvious my name is Mary and I am so excited that you are here!!! I am based in Ottawa Ontario but available Canada Wide.

I’m known for loving coffee shops but not coffee. Always planning my next adventure in the mountains or the ocean, better yet both and meeting bad ass people like yourself! My love for telling and preserving stories has started this adventure of mine and I can’t wait to tell yours.


Mary made us feel comfortable from the very first "hello". She gave us such a big, welcoming hug as if we were good friends who haven't seen in each other in a while. While she was taking photos of us, she made us laugh so much! It was a freezing, cold day but her energetic personality was just so infectious. The photos turned out lovely and all of our smiles were genuine. Having a photo shoot with her was an overall amazing experience and I would definitely do it again!!



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