Meet the Rest of the Team


My Military Boyfriend and my number one supporter in this crazy endeavour. We've been together for four years and have gone through some of our craziest adventures from going long-distances, moving 2,000KM away from home and adopting are two cats. You will usually find him scrolling through Reddit, having Star Trek on repeat and drinking ice coffee in the mids of winter. Joao's preferred adventure is going down a ski hill as fast as possible.


The scaredy-cat. meet piper I personally think softest and cutest cat you'll meet. she literally lives the hashtag #scaredycat lifestyle and get's frighten about everything. It takes a while for her to warm up to others but when she does you'll quickly fall in love. She enjoys belly rubs and sometimes resembles a loaf of bread.


The crazy one. He was born as the litter's leader, the adventurous cat, no fear and always up to no good. Be warned he will run out the door whenever he has a chance. Parker loves everyone he meets, he enjoys outside walks, climbing trees. and long cuddles. He is practically a dog in a cat's body.

a little more about me

guilty pleasure

  • binge-watching any TV shows I find remotely interesting: from The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Friends, How I met your mother, Gilmore Girls, to Korean Drama.
  • I eat rice almost every day. #asian
  • Mc Donalds French Fries is my weakness
  • I dance to TikTok videos
  • I have an obsession with all cats and dogs

I believe

  • that travelling is not an escape but a new experience that fuels your mind and soul
  • we should enjoy life like a kid, to never stop being curious
  • that its better to do life with loved ones to share it with
  • experience trumps things every time. I would rather have an abundance of memories than materialist things
  • that at the end of the day, your wedding day will come and go but your love and devotion for each other are what really counts.